Letter’s and Poems

“Dancing with the Light”
I didn’t notice Her in the Shadows of the Morning, that She was starring with Delight….
How could I not have noticed Her beauty, until She was
Dancing with the Light….With a whimsical move that seemed to last forever, I was captured by Her Sight….
She brings me out of Darkness ,  as She Dances with the Light….
You’re My miracle….You’re My Angel….You’re the reason for my
How could I have not noticed Your Beauty, until You were
Dancing with the Light….
And although you’ll see forever, the stars that shine within You
at night….
I know you’ll never see the beauty that I saw, when you were
Dancing with the Light….
You are My Divine inspiration; you are the purpose for my
The Universe will be ours forever, when we’re together,
“Dancing with the Light”.
I love you with every breath Savannah, Your Papa’
I am a Child
with Special Needs…I am the Parent.
Hey it’s OK…
You don’t have to look the other way
I can see that you feel uneasy… When my eyes meet yours.
I can also see the
pity… as your eyes search the floor.
My daughter can’t see your faces… You see she was born
without sight…
But she says that when you need something that’s close to
You start to feel… up tight…
A simple touch and then Hello…
Could bring our Worlds together…
Oh… it could be anything, how
pretty I look today
Things I like to do… Games
I like to play.
How I steer this wheel chair like a “Race Car”
Or even just talk about “All that weather”
We can teach you things you would never have known, or have
taken up for granted.
If you open up your Heart and break this code of silence.
Your Eyes, Your legs… Your
Understanding… the “Sounds” of birds in the spring
The simple things that you and your
children take for granted, for some of us “Birth”… did not bring.
Allow us to take you on “Journey of Love” which lies deep
within yourself.
Discover the depths of love inside of you, “Finding Yourself
Through the Giving of Yourself”
God’s infinite love for you, unconditional love and
understanding and the best “HUG’S AND KISSES”
We offer to teach you about the Wonderful things that live
within you, so…
PLEASE DON’T PASS US BY.Make-a-Donation-Button-2-e1436361872724
You see… you would never have met the Beautiful person that
you really are, if you hadn’t looked into our eyes.
Hey it’s OK…
You don’t have to look the other way.
I am a Child
with Special Needs. …I am the Parent
I Love You My Savannah…Your Papa’

Give me your smiles .
. . Give me your frowns . . . tell me the words that …. turn me Around . .
Luckily I found you what a beautiful sound . . .
Ahhh …. Luckily I found you ,Luckily  indeed.
Now . . . . the full moons nothing if the stars aren’t
right, and the looks you’re giving me light up my night . . . .
Luckily I found you to hold on tight . . . Ahhh . . . .
luckily I found you . . . . Luckily, indeed.
You know a kiss from a girl who has the world in her palms,
You close your eyes, say Goodnight . . . its like a Hy -dro- gen BOMB . . .
Ahhh . . . Luckily I found you, You set my Heart all aglow,
say tonight, say to me, that anything goes. Ahhh .
Luckily . . . . LUC . . . KI . . LY . . .  Luckily I found you . . .
Luckily for ME !
To my “Matthew
& Savannah” … from Papa’


Just Love Me!

If there comes a time when you need a hand …
and you’re reaching out but they don’t understand…
because you can’t find the words that will make them understand…
that you’re just the same but you just can’t explain…
Just Love Me!
There’s no need to ask
Just perform the task that will make your pain go away…
Just Love Me!
We are all as One we have just begun ask yourself What have I done?
To help someone’s pain go away

Just Love Me!