Mission Statement

IMG_0623“To Fund medical research in the field of congenital eye disorders, Autism, educate both parents and children on their emotional, physical and spiritual needs and to ensure a sense of well-being through the education of body, mind and spirit”.


  • Lifting the spirits of children.

  • Giving courage and inner strength to the children.

  • Having a child smile back with love.

  • Helping a family grow together with pride and dignity.

  • Having GOD smile down upon us.

  • Finding ourselves through the giving of oneself.

  • Bringing laughter and giggles to a blind child through touch.

  • Giving the experience of motion to children who cannot walk.

  • Offering understanding to children who cannot.

  • Learning the meaning of purpose.

  • Seeing a reflection of love in the eyes of our children.

Would this not be a wondrous mission for society to wish upon itself?

From “Savannah and her Family.”