Savannah’s B’Day! August 16

Volunteer to Host and/or Celebrate Savannah’s Birthday Party

Savannah wants to share her Birthday with her Friends. Let’s make it happen!!

Meet Savannah by signing up as a Volunteer and baking some delicious cookies/Cupcakes for her Birthday party!

ALL BAKED Goods must be made with Non-GMO or Organic Ingredients! Thanks

Volunteer to make Birthday Cards for Savannah & Greetings cards for her special needs friends.
Stop by during the party to drop off your cards, cookies, gifts, etc. or call us and we can arrange a time to meet with Savannah!

Community Service Hours are offered for this Volunteer Opportunity!

Send us a message and we will tell you what else Savannah likes for her Birthday.

**Savannah’s Birthday is August 16th. Call for Time and location of the Party . **