Welcome to the Volunteering section of our charity. We have divided it into five separate sections to offer volunteers of all ages different opportunities to show their own way of helping the children of Savannah’s -My Charity 4 Kids.

Volunteer One I 

      • Events: from organizing the event to the clean up after the event.
      • Computer help. Organize e-mails and letters.
      • Phone help. Calls to other volunteers, people, company’s that have mailed the charity to help. Follow up calls etc.
      • Creating Children programs.
      • Organizing Crafts for events and for the Kid’s.
      • Much more and lots of fun.

Volunteer One II

      • Hands on work with the children that our Charity helps.
      • Family Work Shops, Parent/child Meetings.
      • Assisting the parents and children.
      • Reading, writing, and craft making with the Kid’s.
      • Assisting children at an event.
      • Any work that is done with the children physically.
      • Lots of fun and a chance to help directly with the Kids.

Volunteer One III 

      • Savannah & Her Friend’s lend a hand in cleaning up our Beautiful World.
      • Savannah’s -My Charity 4 Kids will have different locations every month offering our volunteers a chance to show how they feel about keeping Mother Earth clean.
      • Trips to local and state water and park locations will be on the list.
      • Clean up of a Town or City grounds, including specific areas such as a playgrounds, parks, etc.
      • Recycling: Participating/organizing recycling events/parties. Great for individuals, schools, and clubs.
      • Create your own Campaign.
      • Much much more….

Volunteer One IV 

      • Organizing|Hosting Savannah’s ‘Cards 4 Kids’, Savannah’s Cakes 4 Kids, Parties with friends, family, schools, clubs, churches, organizations.
      • Selling Tickets to our Events.
      • Selling Savannah’s -My Charity 4 Kids | Volunteer One merchandise: T-shirts, wrist bands, hats etc.
      • Fundraising/Canvasing , Marketing our Cookies, candies, baked goods at local Stores,locations.

Volunteer One V –

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  • Work with other people to create a supportive and empowering community
  • Organize events, including meetings or classes, on a small or large scale


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