Miracles in Life.



Take me out to the Ball Game.

Savannah’s -My Charity 4 Kid’s / Volunteer One was established after I had undergone an epiphany that would provide me with the inspiration to establish this organization. The sole purpose of the foundation is to provide services to children with special needs whose families have neither the financial, nor the emotional means to do so, and the establishment of a Charitable Trust to insure the Charity’s future needs.

My own beautiful daughter Savannah Eve, born blind, and diagnosed in April 2007 with Asperger’s Syndrome, is the inspiration for this foundation. My heart goes out to these children with special needs and their families as we join together for the greater benefit of all children who have not been gifted with the physical and emotional abilities most children have from birth.At Fuddruckers with brother Matt

I, deep in my heart and soul, believe that this Children’s Charity/Volunteer Organization is a Gift from GOD. Savannah Eve was never given any hope of vision from all the Doctors that diagnosed her right from birth. But the day that I had what I call “A Vision of Thought”… the thought being that “Savannah would see as much as I believed” and believing to me means LOVE. I believed something special was going to happen and it did.

Well… one morning while the door of the house was open enough to let the morning light shine along the floor of the room where Savannah was sitting, she starting moving to the light, reaching for it, seemingly dancing with it. I didn’t believe my eyes…after I stopped crying out of pure happiness for my little girl, I remembered the thought that I had months before. I also remembered the promise that I had made to GOD…that I would dedicate my life to helping blind children & kids with special needs and their families if my baby girl was given her sight.

My beautiful little girl Savannah Eve can at least see my face as I give her “Butterfly Kisses” and can also see a 3 foot area around her. She is an excellent student in mainstream school with some special education classes and a specially trained Aid. Do you believe enough to show your love to a child? Maybe, just maybe… Your LOVE might help one of these children to see.

Well that’s my story…..I do realize now that there was another miracle that happened on that day other then Savannah’s vision. I was given the meaning of purpose for my life, and for that I will forever be thankful to serve GOD every day of my life.

Hey, maybe you might find out something about yourself or just find yourself. Give us a call, meet some really cool people and have some fun lifting the spirits of some very Special Kid’s. I bet you that we as a unified team can make Savannah’s -My Charity 4 Kid’s / Volunteer One a charity that can last for years and years to come.